Behcet ‘s Disease

It’s  Hulusi Behçet, a turkich doctor that describes the disease for the first time such us an oro genital  aphtosis associated to uveitis .

It’s a common disease in Morocco, in the Eastern Mediterraneen Basin, in Iran , Japan and Korea.  The Disease often affects young Adult, mainly Men between 20 and 40 years, 

It’s frequency is from 5 at 10 for 100 000 citizens in Japan and 80 à 400 for 100 000  in Turkey. In   Morocco, Casablanca is known worldwide for having one of the biggest series worldwide .There is no national register.  ALMS Chair, Professor Saïda  BENAMOUR, is one of the biggest expert in the world respecting to her international scientific works.

Behcet’s  Disease is characterized by aphtosis : white  ulcerations in the mouth and external genital organs, added to other  cutaneous  features  such as : Pseudofolliculatis, erythema  nodosum ;  It often affects Eyes ( Uveitis,  etc …)and can lead to blindness. There are also Joint involvement such as knees, ankles and hands.

There are benign forms who are limited to oral and Genital ulcers associated some times to joint involvement and more serious: involvement that can lead to huge physical handicaps and even  functionnal  prognosis ( Blindness). Involvement of Vessels (phlebitis and arterial aneurysms ); Neurological  system( hemiplegia, Psychiatric  trouble…etc) ; lung ( pulmonary Embolism) and Heart might lead to Death .This serious features need expensive and heavy treatments


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