Definition of Systemic Inflammatory Diseases

  • Incidence of systemic inflammatory diseases (S I D) is relatively high in Morocco.  There is not a national register, but we can estimate their frequency at 100 000 cases in Morocco.

    • There are about fifty systemic inflammatory diseases:

    Most of systemic inflammatory diseases are auto-immune diseases; this means that there is the presence of auto antibodies.

    In Morocco, they concern mostly young fellows between 20 and 40 years age old.

    • They are defined as chronic, diffuse and inflammatory diseases that involve many organs. In this website,  we  will talk briefly  of some systemic inflammatory syndroms which are secondary to some systemic inflammatory diseases. (S I D)
    • There are not contagious diseases and concern all Parts of the society
    • The onset of the disease is often a skin or a joint. But in fact, It is just an appearance, beside the joints and the skin, they can involve others organs at the same time ( Eyes, kidney, Heart, digestive system, nervous system, vessels…)
    • These are chronic diseases with  acute   periods related with remissions.
    • Sometimes they are severe, occurring physical handicaps.
    • Their diagnosis is hard and needs often Biological and radiological exams that are very expensive.
    • These systemic inflammatory diseases are healed Today  much better than fifty years ago, due to a better management which is sensibly expensive.
    • We will briefly  describe some of them which are the most frequent in our country .
    • The earlier management of systemic inflammatory diseases helps to avoid the transition  to severe and handicapping forms.
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