Sjogren Syndrom is a Systemic inflammatory and autoimmune Syndrom. It is distinguished by a dryness of Secretions. The Disease often affects menopausal women. There are other Sica Syndroms , but they are not Sjogren Syndrom. Its prevalence in USA is from 100 à 200 for 100 000 inhabitants. The Patients haven’t Saliva and tears. They can have also polyarthritis; skin ,vaginal and bronchial dryness. Sometimes, they can have, parotid swelling. Sometimes they experience neurological trouble .Many complications can occur in Sjogren Syndroms especially eyes disease that can be very harmful ( keratitis ;eyes ulcers ) .Oral dryness facilitate oro -dental diseases ( ulcers, mycosis cavity) . Biologically,there are antibodies. Sjogren can be primitive and it is inflammatory and autoimmune Disease or consecutive to other auto-immunes and systemic diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory myositis, Sclerodermia, and others auto immunes diseases such as thyroiditis ,hepatitis, hemolytic anémia … etc) . Early management of these diseases contribute to delay this syndrome .Sjogren syndrome, can be complicate by lymphoma (cancer) .There is no specific care but rather symptomatic treatments ( eyes drops, artificial saliva, that help to delay complications .

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