Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid   Arthritis is a  chronic inflammatory  disease . It‘s a  systemic and autoimmune disease . It‘s the most frequent inflammatory disease .Its frequency is different according to the land . In France its prevalence is 230 for 100 000  inhabitants .

Generally, It   occurs at the age of fifty years .  But in Morocco we noticed that the Onset of the disease is earlier at the age of thirty. (article of Pr BENAMOUR at revue of rheumatism : Rheumatoid Arthritis in Morocco ) .

This disease involves several joints : mainly hands,   feet and cervical spine but can propagate to others articulations . It’s often bilateral and symmetrical  , involving  hands and others articulations. Joint pains are worsening at the second phase of the night with a morning stiffness .At awake, joints are swelling , stiffed and warm  so that we call it arthritis . This symptoms are developing by access more and more important and can lead to joint destruction and deformations with huge handicap . Extra-Articular   manifestations can be observed: such as subcutaneous nodules , pulmonary, cardiac and neurological involvements . The assessment of the diagnosis is based on clinical, X Rays and biology  : Rheumatoid  factor and anti CCP antibodies .


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