I- Minutes of the ordinary general meeting of A.S.I.D (ALMS) April 27th ,2017-

The General Assembly of the Association against systemic inflammatory diseases : A.S.I.D ( in French ALMS )  was held in an hotel in Casablanca . The attendance at this general assembly consisted of  doctors , patients and people from civil society .

The General Assembly began with a speech by the Chair : Professor SAÎDA  BENAMOUR who welcomed the assistance . She recalled that ALMS (ASID)  is more than 20 years old and has achieved most of its objectives , despite the limited financial resources and obstacles to  mediatization .

Although ALMS is a recognized association of public utility , she has no subsidy .The President  thanked all the  mecenes  involved in the association ‘s march .

A/ During the past Financial year, many meetings of the ALMS ( ASID)  took place in the office of the Professor  SAÎDA  BENAMOUR . It is worth recalling that the President has graciously made available to members of ALMS, half of the rooms of his cabinet ( Meeting room , Archives room etc…) and that the various ancillary costs were borne by the President’s own resources. This allowed ALMS, despite its limited Financial means , to buy medicines for patients hospitalized in 3 cities of the kingdom .

B/ In spite of the obstacles and the weak material means, ALMS was able to carry out several actions :in Social level, Scientific level and media coverage
as creation of website in French, and in English:

II- At The Scientific Level

A/ 17th International Conference on Behçet’s Disease was held in Matera, Italy, from 15 to 17 September 2016.

President : Ignazio Olivieri

Honorary President : Carlo Salvarani

This conference was very successful. There was a very good organization

1/ Professor Saida BENAMOUR was a chairperson in Session :

: Locomotor System Disease

Chairs: Saida BENAMOUR (Morocco), Yoshiaki Ishigatsubo (Japan)

a/ Musculoskeletal Manifestations – A Clinical Overview :

Fereydoun Davatchi ( Iran)

b/ Behçet’s Disease and Spondyloarthritis:

Ignazio Olivieri, Pietro Leccese (Italy)

2/ In this international conference, Pr Saida BENAMOUR made an original presentation entitled : Benzathin Benzyl Penicillin (BP)in Treatment of Oral and Genital Ulcers in Behçet’s Disease.

In this Study, we confirm that the Treatment with BP is rather easy in outpatients, it’s efficient, it has a low cost and has few side effects. We support more and more, infections hypothesis: streptococcus in the pathogenesis of Behçet’s Disease .

We recommend the use of BP , by Doctors around the World.

This presentation was very successful and was appreciated by the International scientific community.

B/Congress of the French National Society of Internal Medicine

Lille : June 29 to July 1 , 2016

Themes : lung and connective tissues , lympho proliferation and auto immune diseases

At the plenary conference on Inflammatory myositis : Professeur Saida Benamour asked about the efficacy of treatment with methotrexate in Inflammatory Myositis.

C/ Congress of the American college of Rheumatology in San Francisco

November 2015: The President has made contacts with international opinion leaders who are interested in systemic diseases

D/ Together against rheumatisms : October 2015 , Paris

Day organized under the auspices of French Society of Rheumatolgy:

Professor Saida BENAMOUR spoke at the 3 sessions:

1/Plenary session with the participation of researchers and associations and moderated by journalists of France inter:

How to reduce the mortality and morbidity of rheumatisms?.

Professor BENAMOUR insisted that inflammatory rheumatisms affect not only adults and the elderly but also young people as the case of Ankylosing Spondylitis. The onset of this disease can be at the hips making the diagnosis difficult with the infections of the Hips.

2/Session of Researchers: Survival of chronic inflammatory rheumatisms: role of co-morbidities ;

After the Conference given by Pr Mariette (Inserm), the chair person Pr Saîda Benamour ,of the Association against Systemic Inflammatory Diseases : A.S.I.D (ALMS) took the floor to ask weither there have been studies comparing the efficacy of triple therapy ( MTX , SLZ , Hydroxychloroquine ) and biotherapy in rheumatoid arthritis .

3/Session for patients and the general public: Pr BENAMOUR insisted on the prescription o Folates in patients who have rheumatoid arthritis and who are under methotrexate in order to avoid or to reduce fatigue .


E/ EULAR Congress, Roma , June 2015

The President attended and established contacts with international opinion leaders and associations of health professionals and patients interested in systemic inflammatory diseases

F/ Congress of the French Society of Rheumatology: Paris 7-9 December 2014

A research Paper presented by the President of ASID (ALMS) ; Professor Saida BENAMOUR on Behcet’s disease entitled :

Benzathine Benzyl Penicillin in the treatment of oral and genital ulcers in Behcet’s disease has had much success and international recognition.


III -At the social level

1°/ During the different meetings of the members of expanded Bureau of ALMS (A.S.I.D), through the year of 2016, that took place in the Doctor’s office of professor Saîda BENAMOUR , it was decided to donate drugs for Medicine unit of Mohammedia, the purchase an ECG appliance for Medicine unit of Temara and also a gift of physiotherapy equipment for internal Medicine unit of Casablanca teaching Hospital .

a/ in March 1st ,2017, the President of A.L.M.S ( A.S.I.D) ,the professor Saîda Benamour accompanied by the general secretary Doctor Tak-Tak, Mrs Sijimassi- Tahiri (Treasurar) and some patients, went to Mohammedia to put back expensive Medicines to the internal Medicine unit of Mohammedia ,directed by the Doctor Al haloui

This visit was marked by a very warm welcome from the manager of the hospital, the Doctors, the intern house officers, physiotherapists and the students.

b/In November 2016, the President of A.L.M.S ( A.S.I.D) ,the professor Saîda Benamour accompanied by the general secretary Doctor Tak-Tak and some patients went to Temara to put back an ECG appliance 12 tracks very powerful to the internal Medicine unit of Temara directed by the Doctor Zeroual.

This visit was marked by a very warm welcome from the manager of the hospital, the Doctors, the intern house officers and physiotherapists.

2°/ During the meeting of the bureau of ALMS , dated December 2015 that took place in the Doctor’s office of professor Saîda BENAMOUR , it has been agreed that members of ALMS to travel to Medicine units of different towns of the kingdom to put back expensive Medicines , bought by ALMS ( A.S.I.D).

Members of ALMS got a warm welcome from the responsible of these units and of these hospitals as well as from their teams, in these towns of the kingdom :Temara and Mohammedia in December 15th 2015,and Casablanca in December 16th 2015, when they put back expensive Medicines , bought by ALMS ( A.S.I.D).

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